CD Filastine & Nova – Drapetomania. Sudah tersedia di…

June 10, 2017 at 11:11AM

CD Filastine & Nova – Drapetomania. Sudah tersedia di #omuniuum juga via @lawless_jkt, @warungmusik & @solidrock_inc #

Drapetomania is a new collaboration between Barcelona’s veteran producer Grey Filastine and Indonesian neo-soul vocalist Nova Ruth. Electronic and acoustic, pop and wildly experimental, from roots music to future bass, Drapetomania is an audio strike against xenophobia, proposing a borderless and polyphonic world.

Drapetomania’s title comes from an 18th century medical diagnosis for the urge of the slave to run away, at that time considered a mental illness. This urge to escape is further explored in ‘Abandon’, a suite of four videoclips from the album, and in the Drapetomania performance which uses music, cinematic live video, and dance to conjure an emergency exit from the anthropocene.

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